Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rauma Day 009

So many happenings. I've been busy and extremely tired due to the jet lag, lack of sleep and stress... , but I slept very well last night, so I'm back to blogging! :D

Hmmm where to start... 6 days passed from last blog, and it's already day 009.
I will give you a little tour of my new appartment.

This is the entrance to my flat. I'm located on the second floor of this lovely house in Syvärauma, 2.5 kilometers from the city centre. 

This is what you see first when you come in the flat. To the left is my kitchen, to the straight is washroom as you see here, and to the right is my living room and bedroom. The washroom still smells fresh renovation smell, so I usually keep the door open. I hope the smell will go soon.  

My studio!!! This place is really huge compare to my little almost-non-existing studio in our Toronto Condo. I have two huge tables to work from and there are plenty of thick pulp papers to let my imagination go wild!

The living room corner. When I arrived, I rearranged few furnitures, so this picture was taken when I was still shelving the books. There are plenty of art books and magazine to read, I'm so overwhelmed!  I'm still in the process of rearranging some stuff, so I will re-post my apartment when all is ready and shining.

This is the street seen from my kitchen window. I like how the window has a thermometer attached to it.

I have my two homes pictured here. There is 7 hours gap between my two homes, it's not so easy to schedule a Skype meeting, but when we do, this is what happens on the screen. Hehe, what a lovely looking couple!! (sorry honey :P)

My grocery #2.
I swear, when I picked up that toilet paper, it said LAMA. with a picture of a lama.... hmmm....
I have fish, some cold cuts, cheese, mayo, etc so this grocery totals to €30.09. :( 
Oh! do you see something odd in that egg carton? There are only ten eggs! It's a little weird to pick up a slightly short egg carton. And the egg yolks are very orange!

I think this is the most brilliant way of selling lettuces. Most of their lettuces come with their roots, I wonder why we don't do it in Canada. 

Of course I had to buy chips. The chips in that lovely packaging was so so so yummy. An ultra version of Miss Vickies. It was €2.65. The pastry in the bag looked so yummy and sweet. It's called 'voisilmäpulla' (Butter Eye Buns). It's supposed to be a "common sweet bread here in Finland with a devilishly sugary eye in the middle", but it wasn't sweet at all. In fact, I expected some kind of sweet filling inside, but this one was just plain and dry. I thought I picked up a not-so-good version of this pastery, but I also had it at the school where I do a project (will explain tomorrow), and I don't think I like it. haha.

I will finish this post with my dinner plate. 
The fish was sooooooooooooo fresh. I normally hate cooking fish due to it's pungent smell, but this one must be so fresh, it didn't smell fishy at all. What a nice discovery!! Yum Yum!

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  1. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ사진어뜨케~~~~!!!! such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!