Friday, November 11, 2011

Rauma Day 001

I am very thankful that I have family and friends who have given me a place deep in their heart. You are among my dear friends and family; I'd like to share my journey in Finland through this blog.
Parking myself in the Old Rauma
This is actually day 2 of my trip, but since I arrived last night I want to consider my day 2 as day 001.

The apartment I'm supposed to stay has just finished its shower reno, so apparently there's dust everywhere. But, Yay! thanks to that, I get to stay in a little lovely space in the Rauma Art Museum! It's like a little doll house of some historical building, all made of wood! (of course! I'm in the Old Rauma! Which is the largest unified historical wooden town in the Nordic countries! It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site)
This is the hallway seen from my bedroom(which also has a kitchen). Entrance is on the left, washroom and shower-room are on the right, straight is one of the two doors that connect to the museum.
This is my bedroom seen from the kitchen. Left door is the other door that connects to the museum. I heard that it is very beautiful beyond that door, but I'm not supposed to open it... unless I want a party with Finnish polices! The bed has world's softest mattress. It engulfs my body as I lay down. With just one night, I feel I'm already becoming an invertebrate.    
I think Finns has a culture of trays. This display is very pretty. Today, I went to a coffee shop where they served everything on small trays. This is something that I want to investigate during my stay.

This is my washroom. Do you notice something cute beside me in the mirror?
The tiny oval sink! It looks like a tiny version of Korea's female urinal. It's a bit weird to wash my face there. I think it's really made for washing hands-only.
I love how the washroom and shower-room have walls covered in wood.... I can't wait to visit Finnish sauna. 
This is one of the street in Old Rauma. I love the wooden houses and pebbled streets.

I was walking home from grocery shopping, and was overwhelmed by wood burning scents. I thought it was because of the wooden buildings of the town, but the church had candle-lights burning along its pathway. 
I saw these candles with giant felt wick in the supermarket,(without the tripod) and wondered about it, so I was happy to see and smell it. I'd like to take one home and light it in our backyard when we buy our house.   

Ok, Now, I want to show my first grocery in Finland! Guess how much all cost?
Blood Orange Juice, Milk, Water (for some reason, I smell something in the tap water.. so I bought this to make tea and coffee, but it burst bubbles when I opened. lol), Pasta Sauce, Cereal (I think it's some kind of Müesli), and flower-shaped pasta. (There also was heart-shaped pasta, but I will buy it during Christmas when my hubby comes). I can't believe that small jar of pasta sauce was one of the inexpensive sauce on the shelf which cost €2.50!!! Freaking $4.00 for a jar of sauce!!!  
But I'm very happy with my bag of sweet clementines which cost €1.00!!!!!!!! $1.63 for a freaking bag of sweet clementines!!! Jack.Pot. Their system was a bit different when picking up fruits and veggies. Besides the fruit bins, I saw machines where people weight their fruits and press a code. It prints out barcode sticker. Bulk items already come with a tag. (like my clementines) Sitruuna (lemon) was button #7. I figured it out by checking other lemons in bulk that had tags with them. Sitruuna something something was written on the tag. As sitruuna sounds like citrus or citron in French, yes, lemon must be sitruuna. So, did you guess my grocery bill? 

Today's grocery totals to €12.19. I was very afraid, but this is not so bad. I made pasta to feed me for the rest of the week-end, and there's Blood Orange juice in my fridge! Blood Orange!!! I can't wait to taste it tomorrow morning. And, yes, I did not forget. I have some Ra-Myun in the luggage waiting to spice up my tongue in any days. (I forgot to check Tabasco in the supermarket)
So, here is my 'busy' kitchen with pastas boiling in the pot. Doesn't it look like a movie set? 
Here is my dinner tray. The water I bought tastes like Alka-Seltzer, and reminds me of my life in Italy about 8 years ago.  

Ok! it's already Day 002 here. My first time blogging, so it took a long time editing. I hope I will get faster at blogging. 
See you tomorrow!
Hei Hei! (Good bye in Finish) 

Bonus: Rabbits.

This is second time in this trip that I'm noticing rabbit. So, I will be taking photos of them from now on. The first rabbit was noticed in the Brussel (Belgium)'s airport. Their duty shops had white rabbit designs everywhere saying "Hot Shops for Cool Deals: Follow the White Rabbit". So, here is the receipt that proves it. (It's black on the receipt)


  1. oh now i know how to post comments..tada!!!!!
    i am already lookin forward to seeing your day 2.
    your kitchen does look like a movie set.
    i love how those cute rabbits keep appearing too
    dream land:)