Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rauma Day 003

Today is Day 003. I couldn't sleep at all during the night after Day 001, so I ended up going to bed like past 7am. When I woke up, outside looked just like when I peeked through the window before I went to bed. It was dark. ...yes.... I lost my Day 002.
So, today, I was going to do the ultimate tour of the Old Rauma, but I got a call from Hannele (residency producer) that the apartment is ready. I wanted to settle in soon, so I moved in today!!!

Moi Moi my little doll house! (Moi Moi is another form of Good Bye. Sounds like Mo-e. Say Moi once, you are saying Hi, say it twice, you are saying bye!) 
The yellow door on the left is to the museum office, the other door on the right is to my residence. Isn't it so cute that my little doll house has a wooden ladder leaning against it?

Taken from my entrance, this photo shows a little part of the courtyard, and the actual building where the exhibition is held. 

This is half of the courtyard. My residence is to the left, behind the camera, and the exhibition building is to the right. I wonder what's up with all those short brown doors. 

This is what I see when I step out of the museum courtyard. It's the street front of the museum. What a nice pebbled square! I'd like to install my project here. Let's see if I get to post a picture of that at the end of my residency!

This is one of the shop that I photographed on my way home from grocery shopping during the day 001. Today, because it's Sunnuntai (SOON-noon-tigh, Sunday), all the stores were closed.  They still look pretty with lights off.

Each houses in Old Rauma has its own name written on the side in gothic letters.
The names are written in the oval plaque, and most of them are faded out. Kuninkaankatu means King's street, and its where the museum and other shops are located. 

Now, I want to share some odd things I noticed. Today was really cold, I think it was like 3°C, but felt much colder. People are saying that it's been warm and that normally there are snow around this time. So, I'm glad some trees still have leaves dangling on their branches. I felt like they were holding on them for me to see it. Kiitos (KEE-toss, thank you) trees!

Another magical moment was awaiting me on my way back home.
Do you see it? A yellow road! 

Will I reach the the Emerald City if I step on it?

I solved the mystery as I approached, so alas, there was no Emerald City.

It was some kind of tree with acorns dropping its yellow and needle-like leaves.

Before moving in the apartment, I decided to visit the ruins of a medieval stone church which burnt down in 1640. I really didn't expect to see the actual remnants of the building. I thought the place would just have some kind of black spots on the ground with markings that say "Ruins of the Chuch of the Holy Trinity".
But I was wrong. There was so much to feel. All the stone walls' bases were there. I could draw the shape of the church in my head. And there were so many graves here and there outside of the stone walls.

This is inside of the walls, one of the biggest space, hence the main hall?

Here is me in the ruin. You can sense the size.

So, I'm writing this in my new place. This is such a nice place, I will need a whole new post to describe. I got a brand new washroom, a bedroom, a living room with two huge working tables, and an eat-in kitchen. They all have windows too. 

Here is a preview of next post. 
Hyvää yötä! (HUU-vaa UU-eu-ta Good Night) 

Rabbit #3.
I found this rabbit in the most unexpected place. 
Where? In the museum!!! 
Right now, the Rauma Art Museum has an exhibition of "Saima ja Vihtori", which is an exhibition of paintings by Saima Tigerstedt-Ylisen (1878-1978) and Vihtori Ylisen (1879-1953), the artist couple who lived in Rauma. At the end of the exhibition, there was a room with different kind of collection, and I was in a small room which had a fresco on the wall. It was different kind of fresco that I used to see in Italy, because this mural was portraying a quartet of singing animals. 

It was painted in 1900 as a mural in a house in Rauma, and the entire wall was transferred to the museum later. (in the 70's?)

Since I couldn't take a picture of it, I bought a postcard. Here is my rabbit #3. 
I wish I could take pictures... but there was a clear sign of 'no photography' in the museum, and a security camera just above this fresco.... This image doesn't really depict what I saw. Maybe I should sneak back and ninja click my camera shutter?

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